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Take years off with our Neurotris therapy

NEUROTRIS MICRO CURRENT SKIN TIGHTENING TREATMENT   getting older is inevitable, but looking older is optional. At Fit 4 U Newport Beach, we offer face and body sculpting that target specific body areas. Call us in Newport Beach, California, to request an appointment. Soon you will be saying goodbye to flabby inner thighs, and stretch marks
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what is Neurotris-Therapy?

Neurotris MICRO current body sculpting system is the most advanced body sculpting system on the market today. This amazing machine delivers Specific Frequency Signatures (SFS) and Constant Wave Morphology by sending these complex signatures from the brain to the motor nerves of the body. The muscles contract as if you were actually lifting weights at the gym! This results in instant inch-loss, muscle toning and muscle building.


At Fit 4 U Newport Beach, we guarantee the safety of the procedure. Though you may feel a bit of soreness, we assure you that there are no adverse effects after completing our 5 to 10-session Micro Current Skin Tightening Package (we recommend this to achieve desired results.).

Neurotris therapy will never strain your muscles. We cater our services to both male and female clients, but the procedures are not recommended for those with pacemakers.

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